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  • Warehousing and distribution
    Meet the upstream and downstream demand of the supply chain, modern supply chain warehousing management, mechanization, automation, intelligent operations, improve logistics performance. Jinda Logistics is trustworthy
  • Supply Chain Management
    Focus on the end customer, modern inventory concept, integrated management mode, to meet the needs of all levels of the market. Jinda supply chain management is trustworthy.
  • Industry News
    Jinda Logistics is a modern logistics enterprise integrating international and domestic air cargo, sea transportation, road transportation, railway transportation, warehousing, distribution, delivery, international 国产av不卡在线播放观看, import and export declaration, and inspection.
  • Online shopping mall
    The sales items of our company's online mall mainly come from the merchants who have the intention of opening the online store, and the merchants are responsible for the quality of the goods. It is not a rejection, the customer abandons unwanted items. Our company is not the same as the courier company. There are no items that are rejected and cannot be returned. We mainly operate commodity logistics, and those large items are generally not sold in online stores.
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